Gemstone jewelry:

Remove bracelets before showering, applying lotions, perfume or sunblock. Natural gemstones are porous therefore things like minerals from your shower, chlorine, or salt water may weaken them over time.  It is recommended that you remove before swimming or showering. 

If you notice a film on your bracelets from lotions or sweat, clean gently with warm water and a damp cloth. If a little more is needed, use a tiny bit of mild dish soap. Rinse well, pat dry. Do not submerse in water. 

Gold Filled jewelry:

Gold filled beads are bonded with a thick layer of real gold therefore are ok to swim, shower and sweat in. Wear them in and out of the water with no worries. 

Glass Beads:

Made to be worn daily, ok to swim and sweat in.  Over time the gold plated bead may fade as may some of the colored beads. It's part of the charm. I wore mine all summer in the water and they are still great! 

Please do not pull or tug the bracelets on and off. Gently roll them.

These are pre-stretched, made with strong stretch cord, latex free.