Flying to an island I had never been to with my wedding dress in hand, I had not one moment of hesitation. Something drew me to plan our wedding in The Bahamas 18 years ago having never been there. It was a deep pull, a confident feeling. I knew this place was something special having never set foot there. We keep returning for what has now become a place that feels like home away from home.

Over the years I have stayed true to my style, simple basics, jeans and white tees. After a 20 year career in Advertising and a honeymoon baby, I started a blog called Canvasstyle in 2011 and around the same time co-founded a furniture store, Canvas Interiors with my husband. The thread through both is an expression of my style. Enduring pieces, made well, white tees and white slipcovered sofas to build upon. A core collection. 

Aqua Rose began as a small project for myself at a time when I needed something to focus on, something meditative and soothing. I realized after I had made a handful of bracelets in my favorite hues of pinks and blues that I was channeling the comfort I feel when I am firmly planted in The Bahamas. The name Aqua Rose came to me in a flash. The core collection is made of the colors where the aqua water meets the pink sand. The accents are the fun bits you add just as you would a throw pillow or a fresh pair of sneakers.

What started out as an adventure to our destination wedding 18 years ago has shaped me, shaped this new venture and hopefully will bring you a sense of happiness and comfort when you wear your Aqua Rose bracelets. 

A bit about the company:
Aqua Rose is a small business of one. I design them, make them, photograph them, created the website and all its content including social media and ship them. Bracelets are made in small batches and are unique one of a kind pieces. This is truly a small business and I so appreciate your interest and support.