Naturally inspired

These bracelets are designed to stack

for a curated yet casual look.

Go from beach to cocktails with ease. Trust me, its perfect.


thank you for the love!

These bracelets are beautifully made. The stone colors and arrangements are so unique. I have a stack of four and each time I wear them I feel a sense of lightness and positivity that I carry throughout my day. They are my happy bracelets!


My morning routine now has another layer. I make sure to grab a few of my Aqua Rose bracelets and pop them on my wrist. They truly make me smile and feel empowered to take on whatever the day may hold. They are simple compact gestures of love. I also gifted them to my Mom and Daughter. A small way for us all to be together even when we live so far apart! Catherine thanks for bringing your creativity and natural style to my world.


Effortless and charming jewelry. I love my Aqua Rose gemstone bracelets. Dainty, elegant, and fun. They add a nice detail to any outfit. They're perfect for gifts as well.


To wear a piece of jewelry created from a personal story of love and passion mingled with the beauty of the ocean and sand makes this piece more special.


Absolutely loving my 11:11 bracelets. These numbers have strong meaning to me with two sisters that I have lost, one on 1/11 and the other on 11/1. Having these feminine beads wrap my wrist is like holding my sisters hands forever. Thank you for creating these, it is truly the little things that bring great comfort.